Sounds Interesting: What next?

1 – Tell us what your circumstances are

It is not very useful for us to show you something before we understand your situation. For example if you use MYOB and only manage Employee Reimbursements, this will be very different to if you have Corporate Cards, Purchasing Cards and use a highly customised SAP. We’ll talk about your requirements in terms of coding, tax and interfaces.

2 – Have a look at iCMS

Once we have identified your key needs, we will show you how iCMS works in exactly that context, and explore various options. Live, no PowerPoint, no high-pressure, no cross-selling. We can also give you some relevant referees to talk to about us.

3 – Review our proposal

Following the demo we will finalise your requirements and provide you with a fixed price quote for a clearly-defined set of work. We’ll also detail how our charges work – these are based on a fixed cost for enabled functionality, plus usage charges. There is nothing stopping you from adding more functionality later.

4 – Let’s go!

If you’re happy with our proposal, let’s get the project happening. The first step is to work with you to identify your internal project team and create the implementation plan. If that means waiting until they have some free time, that’s fine.