BIS works closely with our client’s project team to make sure that iCMS options are explained, different ideas are prototyped, and the system is available for them to test end to end before they go live.

This process cannot be rushed and we will structure it to fit in with your team’s day-to-day workload.

BIS has developed a structured way to work through the options in a logical way, from helping you select your project team, to suggestions about policy and procedure.


The BIS Client Services team is dedicated to ensuring our clients maximise their investment in iCMS, and receive timely and professional resolution to any issues that arise.

Members of the Client Services team are on a rotating schedule to take support calls. Once scheduled, their total focus is your support. Our goal is to understand and resolve your issue while you are still on the telephone.

Our Development team created iCMS and all they do is work on making it better. If the Client Services team need help, they just ask these guys.

You can contact us how you like: telephone, email or our Client Portal.


iCMS can be hosted in two ways: by us or by you.

The iCMS Hosted Service is managed by us: you just use iCMS, with all infrastructure being our responsibility.

Or we will work with your IT team to install iCMS on your infrastructure. We still support the system, but your internal team takes care of its hosting and related infrastructure.

It is the same system either way – the only difference is where it lives.


A key element of an iCMS implementation is our training of your finance team: running iCMS day to day is essentially a finance task, not an IT role. The training covers all aspects of iCMS including system and user management, setting up automated tasks and custom reports, and helping end users.

Your BIS-trained team can always access our support team if they are stuck or unsure – it will probably someone you’ve spoken to before, or met at our annual User Forums, or even the consultant who trained you.