Business Intelligence Reporting Service (BIRS)

BIS’ Business Intelligence Reporting Service is the complete service solution for your organisation’s management reporting requirements. BIRS removes the report creation process from your organisation’s hands and places its responsibility with BIS. BIS then ensures the accurate creation of the reports which are designed to meet your organisation’s specific requirements. Then utilising our report automation process BIS ensure the timely delivery to the correct report consumer.

BIRS is the worry free solution when it comes to your organisation’s complex reporting needs.

Business Intelligence Reporting Service

Key Benefits of the Business Intelligence Reporting Service:

  • BIRS removes the need for your finance department to spend countless hours every month extracting and manipulating data for the creation of reports. This manual process is susceptible to human error and requires extensive knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
  • No longer will you be reliant on your in-house report creator’s availability. BIRS will consistently deliver your reports as scheduled: daily, weekly, monthly or at your desired frequency. The reports can even be delivered at your ad-hoc request.
  • Your employee could mistakenly extract inconsistent data risking the creditability of the report whereas BIRS ensures your report data is accurate and consistent each and every time; as we understand the iCMS database.
  • BIRS does not require your employees to learn a new reporting tool, just tell us your report requirements and we will do the work.
  • BIS is able to create any custom business intelligence report of your choosing, as long as the supporting data is available in a supported format.
  • BIRS is fast and accurate and once configured will deliver with no human interaction. This ensures report consistency and accuracy through the removal of human touch points.
  • BIS ensures that the reports are readable and intuitive to a wide range of audiences.
  • Designed to be flexible, BIRS can deliver reports in all popular formats (MS Excel, PDF, CSV, etc.) and even allow for review from your smart devices.
  • BIRS can deliver related reports in one consolidated file, ensuring you can cross-analyse your reports without having to juggle them.
  • Our sophisticated report creation tool allows BIS to deliver greater value to our clients through graphical representation of their reports, such as charts, graphs and tables.

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of this solution please do not hesitate to get in contact with BIS on 02 9387 2509.