Employee Reimbursements

iCMS Employee Reimbursements is a feature that allows your employees to add business expenses they have incurred using their own money directly into iCMS. Adhering to your specific business rules, GST and FBT configurations, employees only need to focus on entering the relevant transaction information. iCMS will then immediately check the expense, apply the relevant business rules and alert on any out of policy usage. iCMS Employee Reimbursements greatly simplifies existing paper-based manual reimbursement processes and saves your finance team from spending hours managing employee expense claims.

Tax Receipts – Attachment

Combining this solution with iCMS Attachment solution will allow your employees to attach their paper invoices and associated documents by directly uploading them to their expenses in iCMS. This solution is ideal for organisation who not only want to move closer to a paperless office but also to save their finance team the headache of matching countless receipts against individual transactions.

Monitoring, Accountability & Reporting

A key benefit of BIS’ Employee Reimbursement is the utilisation iCMS’ relationship hierarchy, which requires your employee’s manager/department head to review their colleagues’ reimbursement claims. This provides your organisation with a transparent overview of the items and services your employees are purchasing with their intended purpose. It also provides a barrier to stop illegitimate claims from going through.

Leveraging the complete bird-eye’s view of all employee claims allows your organisation to create reports that highlight employee expenditure by Month, Individuals, Departments, Geographic Location, Merchant Categories and many more.

Rapid Reimbursement

Another benefit of the iCMS Employee Reimbursement solution is the ability to automate the Reimbursement process, which ensures rapid and accurate processing of claims.

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of this solution please do not hesitate to get in contact with BIS on 02 9387 2509.