BIS Travel

The BIS Travel module allows employees to plan, book and reconcile travel expenses using a single integrated solution. Combining pre-trip approval, an online booking tool and an expense management solution, BIS Travel saves your employees time by reducing the effort needed to organise corporate travel booking process.

Compliance to business policy

BIS Travel ensures that only trip elements (such as Airfares, Accommodation and Car Hire) that are within business and traveller specific policies are accessible. This ensures that all travel elements adhere to organisation’s travel policy.

Process efficiency

BIS automates as much of the process as possible, and reduces the requirement for multiple approvers by automatically enforcing travel policy. A web and mobile interface ensures accessibility and promotes organisation-wide adoption through ease of use and convenience.

Analyse & Report

The BIS Travel module retains an electronic record of all pre-approved trips, including individual travel components and all duty of care responses. This allows your finance team to report on organisational travel behaviour, permitting negotiation of better corporate rates and identifying spend with non-preferred suppliers.

Reconciliation of Travel expenditure

The BIS Travel module associates Credit Card transactions with their pre-approved trips, using relevant trip reference numbers issued by an on-line travel booking tool. Additional automation can be applied to the Credit Card transaction acquittal process, potentially eliminating the need for Travel related transactions to be manually coded or authorised.

Integration with Online Booking Tools

The BIS Travel module offers integration with most Travel booking tools. This provides organisations with flexibility of choice when selecting their preferred corporate travel providers.

In addition this integration ensures that when booking travel components, booking parameters will be passed from the BIS Travel module to the online booking tool. This in turn can constrain the trip options to only those approved by their manager.